What is the best type of coffee machine?

As coffee drinking has become hugely more popular, the increase in the popularity of coffee machines has also grown.  More and more people are making their own coffee at home or at the office, and this has opened up a new, often violently debated, topic of discussion – which is the best type of coffee maker?    With the vast variety of appliances on the market, a buyer needs to consider the coffee brewing process, the level of automation, the ease of use, and, perhaps most important, the flavor of the brew.   So, how to choose?   The most popular of all is the automatic drip coffee maker, but there are other choices.

Automatic drip coffee makers

By far the most popular coffee maker on the market, almost every appliance manufacturer has at least one model.  Drip coffee makers provide a brew with more caffeine than produced by other coffee makers, because of the slower extraction time.  This slow brewing process can in some cases have a negative effect, in that the temperature of the coffee is often lower, so it is important to choose a maker with a thermal mug or carafe.   At the lower end is a range of single-cup brewers, which are compact, quick, and easy to use; the same concept has been developed into a few twin cup brewers, popular with newlyweds.   The range expands to machines with different-sized carafes, allowing for 8-10 cup brews, and then right at the top are fully automated makers that incorporate a grinder for the freshest of coffees.

How to choose the best drip coffeemaker.

French Presses

Another very popular method of making coffee is in the French press – quick, easy, and cheap.  Your selection of model really depends on the number of cups that you may want to brew at a time, and many people have a range of presses in their cupboards.  The key factor is to ensure that press has a good sieve that maintains its integrity so that you don’t get grounds slipping through into your cup.

How to choose the best French Press.


Ranging from stovetop pots to automatic percolators, there is a wide range of models to choose from.  Some people believe that a percolator is not good because the coffee is overheated, resulting in the release of acids into the brew.  Those that love percolators swear that this is the best way to make coffee because the percolation process results in a much stronger brew that stays hot.  You just need to know how to do it properly, so that you don’t burn the coffee.

How to choose the best coffee percolator

Steam Espresso Pots

Coffee is brewed by forcing steam through the ground coffee, which results in a quick brewing process and a healthy strong brew.  It does, however, take a while for the pot to heat up and cool down.  Technically, this is not a true espresso, but the machine is not too expensive, and they usually have a steam wand for frothing milk and making cappuccinos.

Espresso Makers

Forcing water through the ground coffee under pressure, at the right temperature, is said to make the best espresso.   An espresso maker will be priced mainly according to the pressure of its stem pump, but also on the level of automation of the process and the extra widgets on the machine such as grinders, steamers, and the like.   These machines certainly make a grand brew, and you get good bragging rights for having a fancy machine in your kitchen.  You can choose from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic models (or at least your pocket gets to make that decision for you!).  If you can afford it, there are some spectacular machines on the market.

How to Make the Best Espresso