Gene Café Coffee Roaster

If you really are a coffee guru, then you will know that the holy grail of good coffee is to use the freshest roasted beans that you can get.  The essential oils and flavors in coffee evaporate fairly easily, and so to get the maximum taste, you should use your beans shortly after roasting.  Even keeping them in the freezer is not 100% effective.  The only way to gurantee this is to do your own roasting, using a Gene Café Coffee Roater.

Home Coffee Roaster

Coming in two colors (red and black), the Gene Café coffee roaster is a perfect, medium priced home coffee roaster.  It has sufficient capacity to allow you to do a roast once or twice a week, and so for most home roasters, there is no need to pay several thousand dollars on a semi-commercial version.  There are cheaper roasters around, but you start to lose flexibility and reliability as you go down in price.

This coffee roaster as a capacity of 8 oz. (250g), and the controls are easy to set both the time and the temperature, in order to get exactly the roast that you are looking for – even as far as a French roast! The roasting chamber is on a tilted axis, to ensure that every bean is roasted evenly.  The roasting chamber is clear, so that the beans are highly visible, thus giving you complete control over how far you want the process to go.  You can get a good overview of the different roasts by clicking on the link, or you can buy the handy guide called Home Coffee Roasting to get more information.

The roaster has several good safety features, such as auto shutoff, overheat sensors, and a clear safety cover to prevent burnt fingers. The product is US based, so you will get good product support.

What do users think?

User reviews on Amazon are uniformly positive. Almost every user was able to produce a roast on the first day of purchase, and all were excited by the results.  One recommendation given was that the roaster should be placed under the kitchen extractor fan, because of the smoke production.  You should wash the roaster frequently in order to prevent the build up of residual coffee oils that will influence the taste of future roasts.

How can you buy your own Coffee Roaster?

You can get your Gene Coffee Roaster at Amazon, who give a discount on the regular price.  After sales service is handled directly by the supplier, Batch Coffee.