Delonghi Burr Coffee Grinder

There are four secrets to really good coffee:  fresh, clean, filtered water, good quality coffee beans, freshly roasted beans and freshly ground beans.  The last two factors ensure that you always get a good rich cup of coffee, with maximum flavor and a good balance of newly released oils and flavorants.  There are essentially two ways to grind your own coffee at home:  using a blade grinder, or using a burr grinder.   Blade grinders are cheap, and easier to clean (you can often simply throw them in the dishwasher), but they have a HUGE disadvantage – you can never effectively control the final size and consistency of the grind.  If you are using a French Press, you inevitably get a percentage of extremely fine grounds that pass through the sieve, and become bitter residue in your cup.  You also usually get a small percentage of grinds that are too big, and therefore the full flavor is not leached out.   If you are serious about good coffee, then spend the extra and get a decent burr grinder.

DeLonghi Comes to the Rescue!

A good example of this in a reasonable price range is the DeLonghi stainless steel burr coffee grinder. Square and solidly built, it fits nicely into your kitchen layout.  The grinder has several helpful features:

  • quantity control – you can easily control the amount of coffee that you grind, from 2 to 12 cups.
  • grind setting – you can easily set the type of grind that you want from coarse (for a french press), to medium (for percolators and drip coffee machines), to fine (for espresso makers).
  • consistency – the grinding wheels are set to provide a consistent, uniform grind quality for the whole batch.
  • easy to clean – don’t forget to buy a cleaning brush!  It is good to thoroughly wash the wheels occasionally, so that residual oils do not taint future grinds.  Note that dark oily grinds such as a good French Roast may need more frequent cleaning.
  • protection – the oils and flavorants, which give the coffee its taste, are retained in the grinding process, giving you maximum flavor in your cup.
  • sturdy – the manufacturer took not of complaints from customers. and the newer models have much better functioning controls that last the life of the machine.

  • quiet – several customers have noted that the machine is quieter than other machines that they have owned.

Customer Experience

Most comments from purchasers are extremely positive, and this burr grinder is generally well liked.  Customers have found it quiet, reliable and easy to clean.  Some earlier customers complained about the machine’s tendency to break after six months, or for the control knobs to misfunction, but later reviews indicate that the manufacturer has taken note of this.  Users of oily Frenc Roasted coffee beans have noted that the machine needs to be cleaned more f

requently, but this is a functtion of the coffee, not the machine.  Any burr grinder would have a similar problem!

Buy One!

There are bigger and more expensive burr grinders available, but this is certainly one of  the most popular one on the market at the moment, and it is definitely a good starter machine.  Click on the link to get the DeLonghi Burr Coffee Grinder with a decent discount!